1 on 1 Workshops for Photographers

1 on 1 sessions for photographers.
This is a great way to improve your photography and you learn a lot out of these sessions because
all the attention is on you.

In these sessions you can ask me any questions you like and I will answer and help as much as I can.
We will go out and shoot something or someone so that you get experience on how and what to do in certain situations – low light, white balance etc… and also on angles, poses etc…

I will answer all your questions the best I can according to my experience over the years.
My way is not necessarily the right way but It works for me.

I also do sessions in Lightroom & Photoshop for beginners.



Q&A’s and shooting something or someone.
1 session 5 hours –

Q&A’s and shooting something or someone.
2 sessions (2 days) of 5 hours –

Q&A’s and shooting something or someone.
3 sessions (3 days) of 5 hours –

Light Room or Photoshop sessions for beginners –
1 Hour –


Please contact me if you are interested.
I am situated in Hennenman so these sessions will take place here.

083 643 0804